It's time to brandish your spork and take a stand against dismal camp fare.

Bike. Camp. Cook. is the one-of-a-kind cookbook that will teach you everything you need to know to cook and eat amazing food on your bike tour.

Inside you'll learn:

●       How to choose the gear that will make cooking and cleaning easy. No more burned-on messes.

●       How to set up your pedal-powered pantry so you'll be able to turn any mini-market find into something tasty.

●       How to comfortably live without a fridge or oven, so you'll hardly miss your amenities.

●       How to know which foods to buy, and how in the world to fit them in your panniers!

●       How to make a wicked good camp supper to cap off a great cycling day, even if you don't know how to cook.

Plus 50 recipes for the road!

Your tastebuds deserve better than instant mashed potatoes.

Think: peanut noodles, chocolate fudge oat cookies, cheesy garlic pasta, zucchini feta fritters...