Who are your people?

After pressing "send" on that last email and publishing the story on my blog, I wasn't sure what the response would be. Honestly it just felt so good / terrifying to get my story out into the world, and it hadn't really occurred to me that it would actually connect with real humans on the other side of the screen.

If you missed it, I put my coming out story up on my blog. When I met my partner and her kids for the first time, it was like every cell in my body was echoing the words "Here we are at last. These are My People. I am their Person." (This was magical but also super inconvenient considering I was married to someone else and living across state!)

As it turns out, I was overwhelmed with support from you all, and I learned that in some small way, maybe we're each other's People too. Because of the PDF of my cookbook I was giving away last year, one woman was able to write:

"Thank you so much for your help inspiring my own nourishing rides. Last year your work helped me get through a crippling breakup with someone whom I formerly depended on for ride guidance, and my subsequent job loss last year felt awful, but your book gave me confidence to tour solo again...Thank you!"

What?! Through the arbitrary medium of a bicycle touring cookbook, I was able to touch this woman's life. Isn't that wild? It just goes to show that we need to keep putting ourselves vulnerably out into the world--we never know who might be inspired by our small acts of bravery.

If you're still reading all of this, and you resonate with my words, perhaps you're my Person, too. Or perhaps I am *Your* Person, at least as far as bike tour cooking and general bike tour / life bravery is concerned.

If so, this is awesome and magical and maybe also hilarious because:

  • It has been SO long since I've actually bike toured. And, despite going on a big, two-year bike tour, I never feel like a "real" cycle tourist. (Whatever that means?)

  • I am so not a gearhead.

  • I love puns! :D

  • I work in an office 8-4 Monday through Friday, and I'm taking two classes. Also I have a family. Time! What even is time?

  • When / if I am cycling, my ride is punctuated every few minutes by breaks to take pictures of moss, eat snacks, and explore appealing side trails on foot.

Pro-level fearless leader, over here.

In my defense! I do have years of experience bike tour cooking. I am really good teaching people about food and flavors. I make learning fun, and I give people the confidence and skills to be able to wing it. And, I've been enthusiastic about outdoor food since, oh, 1998. Just look at those 4H ribbons for my "Outdoor Meals 1" pic-a-nic basket.

If what I'm saying does not resonate with you, I am not your person. Please just ignore all this and go about your business. If you do suspect that I might be your bike-tour-camp-cooking-bravery Person, I cannot wait to interact with you more and more as I build this site. I am so very thankful for your presence!

Wherever you're at in your life's adventures, I'm out here, sending love.


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