Back in the Saddle Again

HOO BOY, it feels good to be back in the Bike. Camp. Cook. saddle again. It had been years since I'd felt able to do anything with it, and I'll tell you why. In the last three years:

  • My world exploded.

  • Sifting through the wreckage, I discovered that the old life wasn't for the truest version of me anyway.

  • I found a love like I'd never known. (She's the most beautiful human.🌈)

  • I chose to leave my partner of 11 years, and moved away from the homestead we were building together. (This was the hardest thing I have ever done.)

  • I started a fresh, new life with my person. 🌈

(I used to think that the Giant Bike Trip of 2009-2011 was my bravest, biggest adventure, but NOPE! Come to find out, discovering I'm gay and starting a new story takes the cake BY A LONG SHOT.) Putting it lightly, it's been an eventful three years. For some of that time, I was so overwhelmed and crippled by imposter syndrome and self-doubt that I almost shut down this website forever.

  • I took my e-course down (which I'd filmed during the most tumultuous period of my life).

  • I stopped mailing out physical copies of my cookbook.

  • I gave PDFs of my cookbook away for free because I just did not have the spoons (I recently learned this expression! I like it better than "bandwidth") to deal with keeping track of sales.

I dropped off the map, because basically everything about Bike. Camp. Cook. reminded me of something painful. But finally, I am back.

And FINALLY, I am turning my very own Bike. Camp. Cook. into what I always dreamed it could be: a fun, joyful, community where we can chat about bike tour food and cooking and I can share everything I know to help you become a more confident camp cook. At last, I have a blog! (Good lord, I feel stymied if I don't have an outlet for words and pictures and ideas. Sheesh!) And I've posted my first new recipe on it! You neeeed to make these easy, messy stacks of caramelized peaches, ricotta, and browned-butter toasted brioche buns on your next tour. They're super good. 🍑


Do you know anyone planning a bike tour? Why not send them a cookbook? Want to support a queer company? Get a cookbook! In honor of this wild ride, I'm offering 10% off my books this month. Just use code PRIDE21 at checkout. If Bike. Camp. Cook. is up your alley, I'm so excited to hang out virtually. Let's have some fun with food, shall we? Wherever you're at in your life's adventures, I'm out here, sending love.

xo, Tara

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